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Planning for water reduction is the combined impact of landscape design, plant selection, use of technology, and appropriately installed irrigation equipment.

Irrigation Services

Design, Installation


Plant Selection

Water-efficient landscaping and irrigation, including consideration for local conditions, is part of Brett’s water management and irrigation services which directly impacts water usage.

With our national footprint, we draw on data from Nevada to Louisiana—our nation's driest and wettest states—to select plants appropriate for the local environment.

Selective use of turf and mulching can enhance landscapes while simultaneously providing additional benefits such as cooling and soil erosion.


Landscape Design

As one of the top irrigation companies in the US, our team of professional landscape designers will create commercial irrigation solutions that retain the curb appeal of your property, enhancing its value and desirability for tenants/residents.

In addition to aesthetics, they also consider technical aspects of landscaping and irrigation such as soil preparation, seasonal weather patterns, plant resilience, and grouping landscape plants according to their water, soil, and sun exposure requirements.

Irrigation Installation and Equipment

The effective use of smart irrigation technology and system selection will significantly minimize water consumption, as well as reduce the irrigation system installation costs.

In addition to conserving water, proper irrigation will encourage deeper root growth and healthier, more robust, weather tolerant landscapes.

Our irrigation installation services include predictive weather capability and rainfall detection using smart sprinkler controllers and scheduled irrigation to prevent overwatering.  

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